6 Surprising facts about Moon

moonMoon is the natural satellite which is a matter of research for the Scientists because scientist has notified the signs of life on moon. Here are some interesting facts about moon which will definitely make you surprise

  • Moon is the only natural satellite which orbits around the earth. Moon takes a time of around 27.3 days to complete its orbital revolution. The distance between the Moon and its orbital planet i.e., the earth is around 384403 kilometers and moon covers such distance on its one revolution.
  • There are mountains on the mountain of different sizes. Mons Huygens is the tallest mountain on the moon having height of around 4700 meters. You will be chock to hear that the height of this moony mountain is half the actual height of earth longest mountain i.e. Mount Everest.
  • Though moon rotates around the earth therefore we are only able to view 60 percent of total surface of the earth. Moon rotates on its axis around the earth and hides remaining 40% available surface of earth.
  • Moon is visible from earth in two side i.e. far sides and near side. The gravity on the moon is around 1/6 times than compare to the earth gravity. Due to such low value of gravity, Scientists fly on moon.
  • The first mission to visit moon was launched by Soviet Union’s Luna Program in 1966 on which an unmanned spacecraft was sent to the moon to analyze presence of life on moon.
  • The first manned spacecraft sent to the moon was of USA NASA named NASA Apollo in the year 1969. Neil Armstrong was the first man to visit the moon and recently Sunita Williams visited the moon twice under NASA project.

Although researches are still going on to find the existence of life on moon as small amount of water has been detected by the visitors of moon.



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