6 most haunted places on earth

haunted placesHave you ever felt yourself shivering with goose bumps, while seeing a horrifyingly horrified movie? Can you ever dream to be in a haunted place? No, isn’t it? Can you imagine that you live just beside a haunting house? Adding more to the horror, here a list of topmost haunted places on the earth:

Borley Rectory

This is located in a small village of UK called Borley. Though much can’t be said about its haunted attribute, but this place has a deadly reputation and hence has been labeled as the most haunted house in England.

Stanley Hotel

This hotel has a number of countless tales of ghosts. Many people have heard screaming and playing of ghost children in the room. But till date there has been no deaths reported yet.

Tower of London

Tower of London has many spine chilling horror stories, associated with it. Stories say, the spirit of one of the wives of Henry VIII was beheaded in this tower in the year 1536. Her ghost has been seen many times carrying her own head in the Tower Green and the Tower Chapel Royal.

Woodchester Mansion

Another building with a ghostly reputation! Situated in Gloucestershire, England, Woodchester Mansion is still lying incomplete since 200 years of constructional work going on. It has also been told that, nearly 7 builders have died during the works.

Parisian Catacombs

Catacombs have been preserving the bones of the dead of Parisians since 30 years. Earlier Parsi’s buried their dead in cemeteries, but soon due to lack of space, the catacombs were built.

Skirrid Inn

It is even more horrifying! Since 900 years more than 180 people have been hanged from a beam on the staircase. This is located in the Skirrid Mountain Inn in Llanfihangel Crucorney, Wales. People say that glasses often fly across the rooms on their own.



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