6 Interesting facts about Planet Saturn

saturnYou might have heard a lot about the planet Saturn in different stories told by our parents or grandparents but how much did you actually know the planet ‘Saturn’? Here are some facts about the Saturn planet which will definitely make you feel shocking and exciting:-

  • Saturn is the second largest planet of the solar system and ranked 6th in comparison to the planet distance with Sun. Saturn planet received its name from Roman Mythology as in Roman mythology, ‘Saturn’ is being worshipped as a God of Agriculture.
  • Saturn planet is also well known as the father of other plants present in the solar system named Jupiter as Jupiter is worshipped as king of Roman Gods according to Roman mythology.
  • Saturn posses 62 known moons out of which only 3/5th are named by Romans. The first moon of Saturn was discovered in 1655 and named Titan. Other moons of Saturn which are discovered later on were Thea an Iapetus, Mimas & Enceladus and Hyperion.
  • Shape of this planet is somehow flattened at the poles because Saturn is capable of rotating fast around the sun. It is the only planet which is dense than water though other planets is rarer than water.
  • In Saturn planet, the duration of one complete day is of 10 hours and 14 minutes and 1 year in Saturn equals to 29.5 Earth years. Weight of a person on the planet becomes 1.08 times than his or her actual weight.
  • The diameter of this planet is around 74,500 miles and its maximum as well as minimum distance from the sun is 1.5 billion km and 1.2 billion km respectively. The rings present in this planet have 14 major sub-divisions out of which the widest sub division ring width is 25,500 km. the rings of Saturn planets is a perfect combination dust, chemicals etc with water ice at different proportion.



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