6 Interesting facts about Mathematics

mathsMathematics is the toughest subject during schooling for almost every student because students faces difficulty in recalling various calculations, application of different formulae, derivation etc for solving problems given to them. But, in reality mathematics is not a fearful subject. Though very question is solved with application of complex formula and calculation yet it is very easy to face mathematics with regular practicing. Here are some facts about Mathematics that will make you realize that this subject is an interesting subject like others.

  • On the celebration of World’s Maths Day in the year 2010, more than 1.13 million mathematics students belonging to 235 countries set a record by giving correct answer of 479,732,613 questions which is amazing in itself.
  • In America, mathematics terminology is not used by Americans and not even taught in school because as per their belief “mathematics” sounds like an awkward and complicated word. They usually called mathematics as ‘maths’ because it doesn’t sounds like a singular noun like mathematics.
  • Mathematics does have some magical relationship with English language. It is known to only few people that only one number in counting when spelled follows the alphabetical order same like English language. The magical number in English is known as ‘FORTY.’
  • William Shakespeare a famous play artist included the word ‘mathematics’ in his creativity named “The Taming of the Shrew.”
  • Hundred in Old Norse usually called as ‘hundrath’ but the meaning of that word was not 100 but it was 120.
  • You might have viewed notches present on the bones of animals. Animal bones notches show a sign that mathematics was being used in ancient civilization for doing computation tasks.

These are the unknown facts which are never taught in any school of the world. It is really an interesting subject to study which becomes tough only due to lack of practice.



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