6 Interesting Facts about Delhi

delhiVisiting the Indian princely state of Delhi must have been in your mind since a long time. However, it is better to visit it after known interesting facts though it is capital city of India. Here are some of the facts for you in this regard for your quick consideration.

  1. Delhi is one of the pioneering cities in the world as far as green revolution is considered. Besides being ranked among the top ‘green’ cities in the world, it maintains an ecological cover of 20% for sure.
  2. Qutub Minar is the world’s tallest minaret built with bricks situated in the city of Delhi. Historically, it is highly regarded that Delhi is the ‘City of Gates’ with fourteen gates having been constructed in the past with five of them still remaining active.
  3. International Toilet Museum has its based in Delhi bringing to the fore the fact that Delhites are keen about the maintaining everything clean and green.
  4. If India is the land of spices, then Delhi is home to the largest spice market in the world. No wonder that it is exactly here that you are able to obtain all types of spices. Visiting this location at least once in lifetime is necessary.
  5. Unique traveling experience is realized in the city of Delhi for sure. For instance, you get a truly English feeling maintained by the London drivers and that’s of sitting to the right and then driving.
  6. People in Delhi are very helpful in nature in such a way that you could never find such heightened generosity anywhere else in the world. However, the weird fact is that they tend to help you even if they are not aware of something. This leads to common misconceptions about which you need to be wary for sure.

There are several other facts about Delhi such as the presence of a rail museum with interesting exhibits for the amazing consideration of visitors.



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