5 Shocking Facts about Tiger

Tiger is the most popular species of animal and is the most dangerous one too among other animals. You might have seen Tiger hunting animals on Discovery channel but are you aware of the facts about Tiger which are given here? Let’s judge yourself about how much you know about Tiger.

  • Tiger is able to eat 100 pound of flesh in a single night. They are not only animal eater but also they are man eaters. They are well known as carnivorous and eat tortoises, fowls, deer, frogs and money.
  • Eyes of Tigers are brightest than other specie of animals found in nature. They have an ability to blaze back the ambient light at dusk. Their eyes can blaze light with unbelievable intensity even more power than a beam of torch light.
  • Tigers belong to the cat specie. In fact, they are the biggest cats in the world. Tigers are classified into 5 distinct sub-species viz. Bengal, Indo-Chinese, Sumatran, South China and Siberian. All these subspecies are easily adaptable to icy cold forest and steamy jungles.
  • Head body length of a Tiger is in between 4.5 feet to 9 feet. Tiger tail length can vary depending on their sub specie. However, mostly Tigers tail is found to around 3-4 feet in length. They have yellow colored iris and round pupils. Their night vision capability is six times better than night vision power of human beings.
  • Tigers have become an endangered species nowadays because hunting of Tiger becomes a passion for hunters. Hunting of Tigers results in decreasing the number of Tigers and at present about 5000 to 7400 tigers are only left in the world.

Government has launched the “Save the Tiger” in order to preserve their remaining species and is making every possible effort to save all sub species especially Siberian and Sumatran Tigers.



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