5 Shocking facts about Smoking

smokingSmoking is injurious to health. This is a fact and is known to every smoker but still they continue with their habit which promotes them to the path of death. Here are some real facts about smoking that will definitely shock you and hopefully you’ll make up your mind to quit your smoking habit after knowing these facts.

  • Cigarette which is the prime and most preferable source for smoking among teens, youngsters and adults actually comprises of more than 4,800 chemicals out of these 69 chemicals are highly dangerous and results in making smoker a cancer patient.
  • The numbers of chemical on the second hand chemicals is more than even above mentioned figure. Second hand cigarette contains around 7000 chemicals in all out of these 75 are carcigenous.
  • Smoking habits leads to more than 46,000 deaths per year which is really a matter of concern for us. However, many of them were non-smokers who’ve recently quit the smoking habit when their health becomes painful and bad in condition.
  • People who love to smoke every now and then become prone to risk of getting lung diseases like chronic bronchitis, emphysema and pheunomonia which in lack of proper treatment proves to be life threatening too. In fact, there are 8.6 million people in the United States alone who’ve become the victim of serious illnesses of lung.
  • As per the estimation of CDC, adult female smokers lose 14.5 years of life due to this habit while adult’s males lose average of 13.2 years of life. Smoking habit on adult men or women steals quality of their life completely before their death.

These are really the most shocking facts about smoking habit which must be unknown to you. So, are you now ready to quit habit of smoking and saving your precious life for long time or not?



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