5 Shocking Facts about Sleep

sleepSleep is an important part of daily routine that gives freshness to human being. Nobody can live healthy without having proper schedule of sleeping. Lack of sleep, lead to different disorders on human health. It also leads to other complications to human body. Apart from these issues, there are some shocking facts about sleep which you’ve never heard earlier.

  • When a person becomes sleep deprived before getting shot for flu, his or her immune system gets weaken which is difficult to treat with vaccine before 3-4 weeks.
  • Lack of sleep is very dangerous for both men and women but for females lack of sleep results in making their body prone to cardiovascular illness. Poor sleep also results in other dangerous ailments to women body like early anger, depression and psychological distress.
  • Poor sleep regularly results in making the human body prone to sleep disordered breathing (commonly known as sleep apnea). Hypoxia is another disorder which is actually a cause of mental impairment also generates due to lack of proper sleep. Improper sleeping schedule is very dangerous for human health and it affects our nervous system too as lack of sleep is the major cause of breathing disruptions in which brain gets less oxygen to breathe.
  • The chances of auto accidents are more for a person who didn’t take proper sleep in his or her routine. Also the chances of becoming heart attack patient grow more to such person. In fact, in US, the number of heart attacks patients due to poor sleep increased by 5 % which is really shocking to everyone.
  • Couple’s who uses to sleep together generally lose 49 minutes of sleep per day because of showing disruptive behavior during sleeping time.

It is therefore very essential for everyone to proper sleep by fixing time table for sleep otherwise you’ll be a victim of any illness mentioned above.



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