5 Shocking Facts about Animals of North America

north americaYou might have heard a lot about animal of North America on various videos and intimate stories but I’m sure that you will not be having any idea of the facts about different species of animals found in North America.

Fact about Rodents: – Rodents found only in North American continent and weighting around 60 pounds are the largest rodents on the world which can cause flood to the road by making use of their damming capabilities. In fact, rodents are used by farmers as a medium of having taste on food crops grown here. They can survive on only wetlands and with declination of wetlands in NA; their numbers is continuously going on decreasing.

Facts about Bear: – Bears are Big and Nosey animal found in region of North America. You will be amaze by knowing that bear’s nose is 2300 time more sensitive than nose of human being. They’ve ability to smell food from a distance of more than 15 miles away.

Facts about Woodpeckers: – Woodpeckers are another species of birds found in North America which are popular by the name of Grand Slammer as they can slam their beaks against wood with extreme force that you can’t even imagine. Woodpeckers can slam their beaks with 1000 times force than the earth Gravitational force. Red Cockaded Woodpecker found in the “The Disney Wilderness Preserve” of North America is a shower piece among tourists from last few decades

Fact about Foxes: – Foxes are extremely popular for giving Foxy Reflexes but a Red Fox is really very special specie of Foxes which can pounce and target the mice residing 3 feet beneath the ice.

Fact about American Bison: – American bison is another animal species found in North America who can live in both wild as well as semi wild state. They were haunted in millions and their present number is just only 1000 which is really humiliate for us.



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