4 Unknown but Shocking facts about Dogs

dogsDog is a faithful animal who always remain royal to his master. Keeping the dog for the protection and security of household and other premises has now become a fashionable trend among premises owners. In fact they’ve superb sensitivity power which can sense anything unusual before the time of its occurrence. Here are some funny facts about dogs which will make you feel laughing and shocking too as well.

Dogs are jealous in nature: – It sounds awkward but it is a fact that dogs are jealous in nature. Many researches conducted on the behavior of dogs prove that dogs are jealous of other dogs. However, their jealousy is not complex and last for few minutes only. This proves that dogs do have presence of mind gifted by god but small pups didn’t show any sign of jealousy with other even when someone snatches his treat.

Dogs didn’t feel Guilt: – Though dogs have presence of mind yet they didn’t feel guilty for the mistaken which has been done by them. Dogs just react to their master reprimand whenever he punished them for any mistake.

Dogs are Predictable: – Dogs are highly sensitive animal on the earth who can predict the seizure which will going to be happen up to 45 minutes before the time of its occurrence. They gives indication of natural disasters like tsunami, earthquake etc to the people by barking.

Dogs are Illegal in Iran: – Dogs are faithful and loyal animal but in some countries especially the Muslim countries like Iran, buying and selling of dogs for security purpose or other purpose is totally banned and if anyone does such things, he or she gets punishment for the same. This is because the dogs buying, selling or keeping in house for any purpose in Iran are regarded as a sign of “vulgar western values.”



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