3 Known Real Facts of life

lifeLife is worthy for every living being. Everyone wants to live a happy life forever without having any circumstances in their life. But this is not possible because life cycle brings both moment of happiness and sadness in everyone life either in the past or at present and even in future. Here are some realistic facts about life which are given in the Holy Book of Christian i.e. The Bible.

Man is Naturally Sinner: – Human Being is natural born sinner which he surely realizes in different phases of life. Many people thinks that they were not born as a sinner, it is only the situation happened in his life that made him sinner but in reality the seed of evil is given to every human being by God himself which goes on increasing with passage of life cycle.

Death is certain: This is a real fact about life that one day every human being faces death in different forms. Some people died of diseases while some died unexpectedly due to accidents or other mishaps. Heart beat of every human being can stop any day without giving any indication. It is given in the Bible that human beings die after living their life because they’re sinners and on Judgment day, sins only makes a decision to give them heaven or hell.

You’ll be punished for Your Sins:- God is the only creator of this world and you can’t save yourself from the punishment of God if you’ve crossed the limit of sins given by God to you. On the day of your Judgment, you’ll be remembered with all the bad deeds done by you in your life.

It is therefore very essential for you to try to live sinless life because nothing will be going with you apart from your body when you’ll die.



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