twitterTwitter has seen an exponential rise in its members and popularity. This micro blogging network has seen an unprecedented membership in the past few years that continues to grow. Let’s have a look at some interesting twitter related facts:

  1. A staggering 32% of Internet users are Twitter users too.
  2. The average user on Twitter has 126 followers.
  3. The social network was originally named ‘Twttr’.
  4. Twitter’s 60% population is female.
  5. McDonalds has employed 10 people to run their Twitter account!
  6. This is an interesting one. The superstars Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber have more Twitter followers than the entire populations of Egypt, Germany, Argentina, Turkey and South Africa.
  7. 2012 saw 1 million new accounts being added every day!
  8. Every second, there are about ten tweets mentioning Starbucks.
  9. The victory tweet of Barack Obama is the most retweeted tweet ever in the history of Twitter. It was retweeted more than 800k times!
  10. Saudi Arabia has more than three million Twitter users and is the fastest growing nation on Twitter.
  11. Each day, a staggering 340 million tweets are sent out.
  12. YouTube is the most followed brand on Twitter with more than 19 million followers.
  13. Lady Gaga is the most followed celeb on Twitter, with almost 30 million followers. She adds followers to her list faster than Twitter registers new accounts.
  14. Sweden has a different citizen running its official Twitter account every week!
  15. Twitter is available in more than 25 languages. Take your pick!
  16. 40% of Twitter users have never sent out a single tweet.
  17. The average user has sent out 307 tweets.
  18. Twitter is worth more than $11 billion.
  19. Every week, a billion tweets are sent out.
  20. Presently, Twitter has more than 200 million active users.



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