1. DINOSAURThe exact lifespan of a dinosaur is still unknown! According to some scientists, they survived for a good 200 years.
  2. There was no continent that was uninhabited by dinosaurs. They lived in Antarctica too!
  3. They lived on Earth about 230 million years ago. That’s a lot of years if you think about it!
  4. Most people believe that dinosaurs were massive. However, they were actually human sized or smaller.
  5. Richard Owen was a British paleontologist who coined the term “dinosaur”. In Greek, it means terrible lizard.
  6. Initially, dinosaurs were carnivores. Later, herbivores and omnivores appeared. Most dinosaurs were vegetarians! Most meat eaters used two feet for walking, which increased their speed and gave them two hands to catch their prey. Most herbivores walked on four feet to carry their heavy bodies.
  7. Micropachycephalosaurus is the dinosaur with the longest name. It means small headed and thick lizard. China is the place where its fossils are usually found.
  8. Many scientists hold the belief that birds are dinosaurs therefore, dinosaurs are not technically extinct.
  9. While humans have existed for only 2 million years, dinosaurs were here for about 165 million years.
  10. Each type of dinosaur laid eggs. The largest eggs were the size of basketballs. The shells grew in thickness as the eggs grew in size. The smallest egg ever found was 3 cm long!
  11. The blue whale is bigger than dinosaurs!
  12. A human infant’s brain is bigger than that of most adult dinosaurs. Dolphins and Whales have the largest brains.
  13. Baby Mussaurus have the smallest dinosaur skeletons ever found. They could fit inside your shopping bag!
  14. Dinosaurs were in the habit of eating large rocks up. These rocks stayed in their stomachs and helped in grinding of their food.



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