12 Gatorade facts

img credit : Kyle Ohlson/flickr

img credit : Kyle Ohlson/flickr

There is a very interesting history behind the energy drink Gatorade. Here are some less known interesting facts about Gatorade for you:

1. Gatorade was actually formulated to help University of Florida’s football team as a quick replacement for their lost energy. The nickname of the football team was ‘Gators’, hence the drink got its name as Gatorade.

2. In 1965, a group of researchers developed Gatorade, on a request from the coach of the football team, who wanted a product which may help the players deal with heat related issues during the game. The main aim of the drink was to replenish the lost carbohydrates and electrolytes in the body.

3. Gatorade changed its bottle from glass to plastic in 1988.

4. Gatorade doesn’t have kosher certification.

5. Gatorade basically contains water with glucose, salt and monopotassium phosphate among its key components.

6. Initially it had only one flavor.

7. Gatorade now comes in 7 flavors:

Normal Gatorade
Gatorade Fierce
Shine on
Gatorade tiger

8. Sealed Gatorade may last for 9 months.

9. Gatorade contained cyclamate, a banned substance by the FDA later. Cyclamate is nearly 50 times sweeter than sugar.

10. Due to the bad response, 26 flavors of Gatorade have been discontinued since 1967.

11. In 1984, the ‘Gatorade dunk’ tradition started, in which a Gatorade filled cooler is dumped on head of the star player or the head coach. A player of the New York Giants NFL Team, Jim Burt started this tradition which is still continued.

12. 20 oz Gatorade carries 125 calories which is much below the amount that other soft drinks contain.



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