Mobile PhonesDon’t we all just love our mobile phones? They have become indispensable to our existence and continue to take over our lives. Here are some fun facts about mobile phones that will give you something to share with your friends:

  1. Each minute, over 1000 mobile phones are activated!
  2. April 3, 1973 is the day when the first mobile phone call was made. A former Motorola inventor, Martin Cooper, made the phone call and is known as the ‘father of cell phone’.
  3. IBM Simon was the first smart phone ever. It had fax, calendar, touch screen and a lot more for about  £500.
  4. What do you think is the most common use for a mobile phone? Neither is it calling, nor is it texting. It is checking the time!
  5. An iPhone today has greater processing power than what the North American Air Defense Command did in 1965.
  6. The average American cell phone user will have about three unused or outdated cell phones in possession.
  7. Voicemail was added to the mobile phones in 1986.
  8. Most Americans will only use their mobile phone for about 12-16 months before getting a new handset!
  9. Mobile phone texting came into existence 21 years ago. The first message was sent by Neil Papworth, which was ‘Merry Christmas’.
  10. The first photo to be shared using a cell phone was taken by Philippe Kahn in 1997. He sent pictures of his daughter Sophie from the maternity ward. He is a French inventor who developed the world’s very first camera phone.
  11. A greater number of people believe that cell phones make their lives easier, as compared to the internet!
  12. The world’s most expensive phone is a version of the iPhone. It is priced at £6.7million and is made of solid gold and encrusted with diamonds.




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