Some Cool Information about Homing Pigeons You Should Know

  • The pigeon is an oldest domesticated bird in the world. The pigonancient Egyptian hieroglyphics mention that the pigeon was domesticated more than 5,000 years ago. The ancient Rome monuments include feral pigeon nesting.
  • The French settlers imported pigeons for meat in 1600s. Now, rock pigeons populate every city in the western hemisphere.
  • The pigeons and doves are used for carrying messages from one place to another. The pigeon brought first message Napoleon’s defeat more than 2,500 years ago. Millions of pigeons served in world war and save thousands of soldiers.
  • The pigeon droppings are considered as a precious commodity. In ancient Egypt, it credited as precious manure. The pigeons are declared as the property of the kingdom and imprinted on the crown. The droppings are important substance for making gun powder.
  • The Julius uses pigeon for communication and later converted into world’s largest information gathering organizations. Later, he created a kingdom on back of doves.
  • Darwin closed followed pigeon in his study and used to support his evolution theory.
  • Picasso loves pigeons, painting then regularly. He named his daughter as Paloma, a Spanish word referring pigeons.
  • The behavioral psychologist, B.F. Skinner, trained his pigeon to play a music instrument using their wings as ping Pong paddles.
  • Pigeons are known for its athletes flying caliber. The homing pigeons are capable of flying 500 miles per day reaching 60mph. The pigeons can reach its maximum speeds in few seconds. The racing pigeons will fly more than the racing pigeon. Racing pigeon once recorded flying at 110 mph for several hours.
  • The homing pigeon lives up to 12 to 15 years. The record breaking living span is about 33 years.
  • The pigeon racing is more popular sports in the world. The queen of England loves pigeon racing. It wins millions of dollars in single racing and fetches thousands of dollars in auction.
  • The pigeon does not nest in trees; it usually prefers rock edges, window edges or even hole in the wall.
  • The pigeons are found all over the world except Antarctica. The pigeons do not migrate rather adapt to situation perfectly.



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