Go inside of the real game world with new Sony Play station 4

  • PS4The Sony Company will launch the play station 4 (PS4) in the end of this year at UK, US and other international countries. The Microsoft Xbox one is easy to compare  with the Sony PS4.The specification of the PS4, the price of the PS4, the style of the PS4, the design of the PS4, configurations of the PS4 is excellent when compared to other play stations. The latest technologies are  used in this PS4. More than 80 percent of children and people are interested in the Sony play station. The play station 3 is famous in the world following of this PS4 touch the world.
  • The processor is an important one in play station, so only people need the best processor play station to play. Following of this requirement in this PS4 has latest AMD X86 based 8 core processor CPU to GPU, this latest configuration increases the speed and efficiency of the game.
  • The 8 Giga bytes GDDR5 RAM pull the speed of the processor. This PS4 accepts the Blue ray games without any disturbance and has high speed. The HDMI output options are also available in PS4.  Sony Company said the extra speakers or home theaters can attach with this PS4.
  • The play station 3 has secondary screen options. It means the play station will enable with iPhone, iPad, android based smart phones and high performance tables. The PS4 won’t be rearwards compatible with old Play station games. This play station has 4 eyes with 1280*800 pixel camera.  The play station 4 users can also avail the play station 3 games also.
  • The play station 4 introduced the latest Dual shock 4 controller joystick to play the game.  In this joystick has a new small touch pad in the center of the controller and it has a built in microphone. It pulls the people on to the next gaming generation.



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