Few Tips To Do When You Feel Bored At Home

boredCreate a collage

Collage is a stress reliever. You can create a collage by selecting your own theme. Choose the materials with which you are going to do and starting making it. It will be very interesting to do.

Go to a movie

Check out the movies shown in the theatres of your place. See which will suit you and book the ticket and enjoy the show.  If you don’t want to go out, then you can watch it online.

Play childhood game

In your childhood you would have played many games. Remember about your favorite one and play that game. You will really feel happy and think about those sweet memories.

Learn some new terms from the dictionary

Take five words from the dictionary and know the meaning of them. This helps you to increase your vocabulary

Clean your computer

Put folders for games, important documents and files, photos and lot more.  Take special care while deleting since there is a possibility to delete an important one. Also clean each part of the computer like keyboard, mouse, CUP and others.

Create a new skill or hobby

Having hobbies never make you feel bored. So create hobbies like painting, gardening, cooking and many more.

Clean your room

Cleaning your dress and book shelf and making it look tidy and neat makes you feel happy and keeps your room neat looking.

Browse the internet

Read some articles online, play online games, use social networking sites, watch interesting movies on the internet. Internet carries millions and millions of useful information.

Cook something new

Try a new recipe or bake a cake, prepare your favorite food and have a great time with it.

Do gardening

Plant some new plants like vegetable plants, flowering plants and trees. Then water them.

Climb up and down on the stairs

This is a very good exercise. Count of the number of steps on the stairs and repeat the climbing 5-6 times.



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