Few Largest Things That Causes Air Pollution

air pollutionChemical Pesticides
Pesticides are more helpful for farmers for protecting their crops from fungi, bacteria and others. But these pesticides made out of chemicals increases air pollution. This becomes hazardous for birds, animals and also marine life. Apart from this, pesticides also damage the plant’s health. High use of pesticides leads to lower crop yield


The main cause of air pollution is due to truck traffic and mining. These discharge nitrous oxide, carbon mono oxide in the air. All of these are the main reasons of creation of a lot of health problems and smog. The gold mines liberate excess of mercury in the atmosphere. Inhalation of excess of mercury leads to muscle weakness, sensation problems, respiratory problems, some types of cancers, sensation disturbances and even death.

Usage of fossil fuels and coal

Power generators, factories, offices and also home use coal and fossil fuels for producing heat or power. Al though they are beneficial, they add to smog and air pollution. They damage many structures, plants and incredibly reduce the supply of oxygen in the Earth.

Mills and plants: stationary sources

While steel mills, paper mills, cement plants, asphalt plants and iron mills discharge particulates, vapors, gases and aerosols in the air. This plants and mills are stated as stationary sources and bring out hydrogen chloride, ammonia, sulfur oxide, hydrogen sulfide and a lot more.


It is very important for vehicles. Yet this important and helpful substance is a major reason for global air pollution. Petroleum liberates nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Thus when inhaled causes severe illnesses. These also contain hydrocarbons which mix with nitrous oxide while the sunlight is present for creating ozone. Technically, the ozone layer protects from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This leads to smog and causes lots of lung problems.



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