Best Places To Be Visited In The United States

american placesLas Vegas, Nevada

It is the best place to celebrate your birthday party and bachelor party.  The whispered secrets and rumors which you won’t believe happen in Las Vegas. When you go for sightseeing better try to limit your betting because you will play for hours and will not that time has elapsed. Also remember that summer temperature will be atrocious.

Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach is a beautiful beachfront in Los Angeles in California. Venice has fantastic beaches, views and weaving canals. It is a great place for artistic and creative people. During 1950’s and 60’s Venice was called as the place for Beat generation where a blast of art and poetry took place.

Grand Canyon

The Great Canyon is imprinted by the Colorado River in Arizona, USA. Visiting the Grand Canyon will be a life-changing one and is a fantabulous place. It has rock layers and deep colors that make you look surprised. It is really a worth seeing when you visit USA. If you are lucky enough you will see a bighorn sheep. It casually walks in the steep and almost vertical cliff. The Great Canyon has a rich wildlife due to several habitats.

Yellowstone National Park

This is the first National Park in America. Every year, there will be more than 3 million visitors. In 1872, the government created this park and said this place as “amusement park for people”.  The Yellowstone National Park has 5 entry points and 370 miles of paved roadways. It has lots of natural landmarks and fantastic landscapes and is covered by greater than 2.2 million acres so that people can drive their cars or ride the bicycles.

Mount Rushmore

This is one of the man made wonders in the world. It is an important place to visit for the Americans before their death. In this Mount Rushmore you will be able to see four great leaders of America. They are Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.



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