Best Cars Americans Like To Buy A Lot

american carsOne in six of Americans prefers to buy Ford. But all do not buy the same. They see to the reviews, price and other features of the cars and also see various models of the cars and finally select the best and suitable one for them. Now, let’s see the top brands of cars which Americans buy:

1.      Ford

The top model in the Ford is the F-series. Ford is considered to be the bestselling car in USA. The other car models are Fusion, Escape and Explorer. Three lakh cars of the F-series were sold in May. And it went above 20 percent from last year.

2.      Toyota

Toyota is the second best brand in USA having its top model as Camry. Toyota was once the top car in USA yet has gone done from the past three years. Its competitors are Ford and Chevrolet.

3.      Honda

The top model of Honda is Accord. Till May 2013, half a million cars have been sold.  There was a two percent hike of buyers when compared to last year and was 12.7 percent in May 2013.

4.      Chevrolet

Chevrolet is considered to be the second best selling cars next to Ford. It has sold more than 8 lakh cars in the month of May. The top model is named as Silverado. It saw more than 2 lakh sales of Silverado till May.

5.      Nissan

For the past five years, Nissan has seen consistent sales and always stands in the fifth position. It is also expected to be in the same position till the next year. The top model is Altima. The other best selling cars are The Leaf and PathFinder.

6.      Hyundai

Hyundai is the sixth best sold in the USA having the top model as Elantra. Yet the people buying Hyundai went down by 1.5 percent this year when compared to last year. 25000 cars of the top model got sold in May.



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