Best American Movies makes you to get thrilling and stunning experience

american movieThe best movies in America were selected based on the movie has played in regular theaters and an ordinary citizen could walk in as well as buy the ticket. The best movies are listed as below are:

1.      Chronicle

This movie was directed by Mr. Josh Trank. It comes under the list of the best movies.  The movie has two things, one is super heroes and another one is footage. A small group of school kids who ends along with super heroes after that the kids have to uncover who knows what. By using this matter they have to learn at the same they have to control the powers.  This movie is considered as the best entertainment movie for the people in the U.S.

2.        Beyond the Black Rainbow:

It is a Science fiction film which was written as well as directed by Mr. Panos Coumatos. The   overall budget for this movie is 1,100,000 dollars. This movie first released in Canada country in an English language. It was music by Sinoia Caves. The overall run time for this movie is 110 minutes.  The cast are Eva Allan, Michael Rogers, Marilyn Norry, and Scott Hylands. It is a horror type movie. The Beyond the Black Rainbow is Reagan-era fever dream which is inspired by hazy childhood memories. This movie is felt impressively sustained.

3.      Haywire:

The Haywire movie is an action thriller film which was directed by Mr. Steven Soderbergh and it was released on January 5th, 2012 in USA. The runtime of this movie is 93 minutes. The overall budget for this movie is 25 million USD.  This movie includes Michael Angarano, Michael Fassbender, Bill Paxton, Antonio Banderas, Channing Tatum, and so on. This is an action, adventure, Drama and Mystery and suspense movie. The Haywire movie was written by Lem Dobbs.




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