Amazing Facts about the Earth Which Is Highest From the Sun

  • earthThe Earth is as far away from the Sun as possible for the year of 2013. But it will come as a shock for people scorching in a wave of heat. It will be affecting some western states with the temperature at above hundred expected across southern Arizona, Southern California, and Southern Nevada.
  • Of course, burning heat has erupted of the southwest in latest days where the temperature at 120 degrees over the places of California, Arizona, and Nevada which happened this past weekend. The high at California’s Death Valley really approached 130 degrees.
  • With such scorching heat as this, it was surprising to listen that today at the time of 11 am EDT. The earth attained the point where in its orbit, which is highest from the Sun. During aphelion the Earth will be 3,106,399 miles or 94,508,959 miles farther from the sun when compared to the Earth was nearest from the Sun, as it is called perihelion last New Year’s Day. The variations in distance like 3.287 %, which creates dissimilarity in radiant heat obtained by Earth of closely seven percent.
  • Most people asks in which month that the Earth is nearest to the sun most possibly would say they are nearest during June, July or August. It is because of the Earth Axis has a 23.5 degree tilt and the Sun is on top of the horizon at different seasons for different lengths of time. Amusingly, the times when the Earth lies at its farthest and nearest points from the Sun approximately coincide with two important U.S holidays. They are farthest from the Sun around the Independence Day and nearest to the sun about New Year’s Day. In fact, depending on the year, the date of aphelion can change from July 2 to 6 and the date of perihelion can change from January 1 to January 5.



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