7 Exciting facts about Mars

marsYou might have heard many facts about the planet mars but how much do you remember out of these facts? Human Being mind is vast but not all information can remain as a memory in the mind. If you’ve forgotten facts about the planet mars then you can recall your memory about these facts:-

  • The diameter of planet Mar is around 1/20th of the earth’s mass and the gravitational force on Mars is also is round 33% that of earth’s gravity. When compares to earth, the density on mars is also very less approximately 70% of Earth’s density. It is the fourth planet of the solar system in terms of its distance from the sun.
  • The presence of magnetic field on Mars is also smaller than presence of magnetic field on earth. However, the elements on the Mars are similar to those found in earth’s crust like iron and nickel. The core of Mars is solid whereas earth’s core is having presence of liquid.
  • The surface of Mars planets changes due to impact of crusts movement, natural calamities, volcanism and other atmospheric changes like dust storms. These features make the planet similar to other terrestrial planets like Earth, Venus and Mercury.
  • Scientist has discovered the presence of life on mars like earth. But, in reality it is a very harsh place for living because the temperature here varies between -225 and +60 degree Fahrenheit.
  • The atmosphere in the Mars is very thin a it is made from gases like carbon dioxide. Nitrogen, argon, oxygen as well as water but in very small amount. There are two satellites of mars that revolve closes to the Mars surface. The names of these two tiny satellites are Phobos and Deimos.
  • Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli was the first man to visit mars and he discovered the presence of water on mars first.



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