6 Wondering Facts about Toucan

ToucanThere are many species of birds found in nature but some of them are really very interesting that can make you feel amaze. Toucan is one of such amazing living bird which is extremely popular for having unbelievable capability. Here are some special facts about the bird Toucan that will definitely make you to wonder about such creature.

  • Toucan is the heaviest bird out of different species of birds found in nature. The size of Toucan body is very large and they use to live in bigger bill than other birds.
  • Toucan is a bird that is blessed with extraordinary appendage but you’ll be chocked to know that their bill is not solid. The bill of Toucan is made up of lattice work having some hollow sections. However, they can adapt their body as per changing climatic condition and can make it big and robust instead of heavy body by adjusting themselves with changes in environmental condition.
  • Toucan twists its head during the sleeping time. In fact, they twist their head all the way round leaving rest of their body out of the bill at their sleeping hours. Toucan gets less sleep than other birds because of their big and heavy body posture.
  • Toucans are god mimics and can make mimicry of human speech with ease and comfort. Parrots also have the same ability to mimic human speech but the difference between Toucans and parrots is that Toucans kept their art of mimic in captivity when they pick some wide vocabulary.
  • Toucans are the special species of birds which lives in dense jungles. Toucans are not easy to detect in jungles like other birds. However, to recognize them, vocal communication, you need to get information about voice of such predators.
  • Toucans are not the perfect pets to keep at home because in home they needs very special care and lots of space available so as to live happily in captivity.



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