6 Special Facts about flying and Flightless bird

Flightless birdBirds are seen everywhere and looks very beautiful especially when people finds them flying high in the sky. Birds usually fly with an aid of feathers. They’re highly restive to electric current. They are prone to very little diet. These are some basic facts about birds which are known to almost all of you. But still, you didn’t have much knowledge about flying and flightless birds. Well! Now you’ll become a good learner about birds as many special about flying birds are given here, many of them may make you feel shocked too.

  • There are more than ten thousand different species of bird found in nature but only few of them comes under the category of flightless. You might have learnt a lot about Ostriches. Ostriches are wonderful bird species which are popular as flightless birds and can run up to sixty miles per hour.
  • There are many species of birds that can fly high in the sky continuously for a very long time and can cover thousands of miles without any stopping during their migration from one place to another.
  • There are some special species of birds who spends some years in the air when they first left their living place i.e. nest. A swallow is one of such special bird specie which spends 4 years of its life in air after leaving their nest for first time.
  • Chicken also belongs to the flightless bird’s category whose egg is edible and support digestive system of human being.
  • Birds do have presence of mind. Birds like crow and weavers are considered as the smartest creature in the world because they can make and use tools comfortably.
  • Humming is the special specie of bird that can both hover and fly. It is well known for its power to fly in backward direction which is impossible for other specie of birds.



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