5 Wonderful facts about Puffins

PuffinsHave you ever heard about the ‘Clowns of the sea?’ Clowns of the sea are the name gives to beautiful specie of flying bird which you know as Puffins. Puffins are the most fascinating specie of bird which actually makes their home or nest on trees. Here are some fascinating facts about this living creature that will make you feel exciting about this wonderful creature.

• Puffins are the sea living creature which is also found on the desert area. They are highly adaptable to different types of changing environmental condition. They usually make their nest and homes in deep underground burrows somehow similar to rabbits.
• Puffins are usually found on remote northern islands because they temperature of such islands are highly favorable them to live. They can make their nest on any trees too.
• They have received the title ‘Clown of the sea’ not because they are funny like clowns in different activities or because of their funny behavior. They are called as ‘Clown of the sea’ only because they are blessed with bills having bright colors which deliver resemblance of their look somehow similar to clown make-up.
• They love to fly high in the sky during day time. They’re able to fly high in the sky only because of presence of hollow bones on their body which supports them at the time of flight. They look very attractive during their flight in the sky.
• It is believed that Puffins belongs to the species of dinosaurs i.e. their evolution is form dinosaurs but many scientists didn’t consider this ideology as a reality because dinosaurs were extinct several thousands years ago from the world and their characteristic does not meet with the characteristic of Puffins.
Really, they’re the most loving creativity of nature which can attract everyone on their first look.



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