5 Unknown facts about Eagle Owl

Eagle OwlEagle owl is that specie of flying bird that needs no introduction to anyone because even small kids have some knowledge about this living flying creature. Owls are the special birds which are rarely seen during day time as mostly they’re seen during night time. It is the world’s most popular night birds whose example is given in proverbs too by many philosophers and poets in their poem or other creativity. Here are some unknown facts about Eagle owl which are never taught in school to the scholars.

  • Eurasian eagle won is the world’s biggest and most impressive specie of own found in nature. Their wingspan is around 5 and half feet and their weights become 7 pounds at the time of winter season.
  • Eagle Owls are well known for having extremely great size. They have an ability to fly silently in the sky which makes them different from other species of flying creatures. Eagle owls also have an ability to glide perfectly on outstretched wings.
  • The size of male eagle owl found to be more than female eagle owl when it comes to Eurasian Eagle owl. However, in other species of owl, females are found to be 3 times bigger than the male.
  • Eagle owls are well known for having distinctive features because they have horns or ears that stick up from the top portion of its head. They are not ears or horn in reality and can adapt themselves to different types of changing climatic condition.
  • Several theories are given about this specie of owl found in nature. They’re the most wonderful creature of the world and look extremely attractive when they span their wing while flying high on the sky. To view them, you need to visit the European countries as they are seen on the forest of European countries during night time.



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