5 Shocking facts about Roadrunners

RoadrunnersYou might have heard a lot about different species of birds but what you have hard about roadrunners? Roadrunners are special species of birds which are mainly found on the Southwest forest of America. In fact, their body is resistive to live on such deserts of American southwest only. Here are some shocking facts about the bird Roadrunner which you’ll like to know:-

  • It is a fact that roadrunners are special specie of birds found in deserts of Southwest America. Like other birds, they too have wings but their flying ability is not similar like other birds. In fact, Roadrunners can fly rarely but can run fast on the desert condition.
  • The size of roadrunners are very small than other birds found in nature. It is only due to the small shape of such birds that they can zip along the desert easily. Their feature makes them popular as an Olympic sprinter.
  • Roadrunner can whiz along the road but they can run fast in a straight line. Though they are very quick in speed yet they can easily catch rattlesnakes with their fast running speed. It is really enjoyable to see roadrunner catching rattlesnakes as their prey.
  • Roadrunners can maintain their speed of running for few years only. In fact, young roadrunners are highly energetic than those who grown older. Their rattlesnakes capturing ability also decreases regularly as they becomes older in age.
  • Roadrunners are well known as the real bird. It gives the real meaning of Real Bird definition. Sometimes they show some awkward behavior for which they has given a tag of crazy bird by the people living in Southwest America.

These are the shocking facts about the bird Roadrunner which must be unknown to you. You can amaze your friend now easily by telling such facts about this special creature.



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