5 Interesting Facts about Earth

earthEarth is the third largest planet of the solar system where presence of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water are in sufficient amount. That is why, it is possible for the human being and other God made creatures to survive on earth. But, how much do you know about the planet where you’re living. Here are some interesting facts about earth which will definitely make you exciting and adventurous too.

  • The age of earth is more than 5 billion years but the life existed on the earth from last 150 million to 200 million years only? This shows that the life existed for only 5 to 10 percents of total life span of the earth.
  • Earth is the denser planet of the solar system. Out of 8 planets of solar system, only 2 are most dense. Other denser planet is Mercury where too the particles present inside the planet are packed closely to each other.
  • Earth took a time of 365 and a quarter days to complete its revolution on the Sun. these extra quarters used for completing one revolution around the Sun results in making leap year after every 4 years which is shown in the calendar in form of 29th February. The last leap year was in the year 20102 and next will be happen on 2016.
  • The center portion of earth is core which remains in molten state. The center of earth is somehow similar to a liquid rock that can be erupted to the surface whenever volcanic eruptions took place of the earth’s surface.
  • Earth is the only planet of solar system which is named by Roman or other mythology as other planets of the solar systems received their names according to Roman, Greek or other mythology. It is the brightest planet among other because the sunlight here reflects off the planet water completely.



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