5 facts about Birds

birdsBirds are beautiful creature of God and everyone loves to watch view birds living on their nest. It is expected that birds are very charming and quite in nature. Here are some facts about birds that will make you to realize some special considerations about birds which I hope, you’ve never heard earlier.

  • Birds are highly adaptable to different types of changing environmental conditions. Their adaptability feature is not limited to only few species of birds but all species of birds can adapt themselves into different climatic condition as per realizing change in atmospheric condition.
  • Birds can easily resist in jungles and forest as well as other places like deserts and high mountains too. Bird’s ranges are not limited to such place only as they can resist their life in sea and river with great ease and comfort.
  • There are many species of birds that are found in underground burrows and caves. All these features make them special creature in the living world.
  • Birds are able to live in Earth only as their body is not fit to live on other planets of the solar system. They can’t colonize themselves on the deepest ocean too. Many species of birds belongs to the scary category which can cause damage to other living beings.
  • All birds possess wings and feathers that enable them to fly high in the atmosphere. Their features are highly resistive to electric current which makes them perfect to sit on electric cables or wire without facing current.
  • Birds took their food with their beaks. Beak of birds has much strength that can eat even tough food item comfortably. Bird’s beak can easily swallow every type of food item. In fact, they can also eat flesh of animals without facing any difficulty.

These are the interesting fats about birds which must be unknown to you.



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