4 Untouched facts about Humming Bird

HummingbirdHumming bird is the smallest bird found in nature and is not hunted by the hunters. That’s why; Humming birds are preserved from extinction. In the book of General knowledge and in Animal television shows, you’ve learnt a lot about this beautiful bird. Here are some more interesting facts about humming birds which are rarely known to only few people.

  • Humming birds are regarded as the smallest fly specie of bird that exists in nature. Humming birds are very tiny and small in size like small bee. Overall length of humming birds from their bill tip to the tail tips is around 2 inches only. When measured in centimeters, their light is counted about 5 centimeters only.
  • Humming birds posses little fella which is not very heavy in weight like fella weight of other bird species. Humming bird is the lightest weight bird in the world and his weight is only 2 grams or 0.07 ounces which is equivalent to the weight of two dimes held on your hand palm.
  • Humming bird is a wonderful creativity of God and looks very beautiful when it flaps its little wing. In fact, humming birds can flap their little wings to about 80 beats per second which is really good to view for every viewer of humming bird.
  • Humming birds are found in dense forests and jungles where the natural scenario is extremely pleasant. Humming birds have ability to switch up and down and can switch left or right with their little body posture. Humming birds also have an ability to fly in backward direction but they can fly backwards only to a limited mathematical precision.

These are the untouched facts that make Humming birds more special when it comes about qualities of wonderful bird species. Really, humming birds are wonderful creature in the world isn’t it?




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