4 Special facts about Sun

sunSun is the hottest element is the solar system. It is having very wide diameter than compares to earth and the weight of sun is around 333,000 times heavier than that of planet Earth. Therefore, it will be wrong to compare the Sun with the planet earth or other elements of the solar system. Here are some special facts about sun some of which must be known to you:-

  • The diameter of sun is around 870000 miles and it is hotter than 100 billion stars. In fact, sun is considered as a ball of fire which is created by God. There was confusion among the researchers about the shape of Sun as some researches prove it to be a sold burning ball while many signs prove it to be a liquid ball of fire.
  • The sun rays are extremely hotter and bright which can damage eyes of human being permanently. It is a kind of big star but the difference between a star and sun is that star only gives heat and light. On the other hand, Sun is a ball of fire which gives light of very hot temperature.
  • It is only due to the presence of sun on the solar system that the earth is supportive to



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