4 Amazing facts about Space

spaceHow much knowledge do you have about space? What is yours response for this question because only few people know much about space as they’ve interested on the theory on which the space depends. Here are some amazing facts about space that will make you feel shocking as well as exciting too.

  • You might have heard about the planet Saturn but do you know that if the planet Saturn is put in water then it will float on the space. Such things happen only because the density of this planet is very low. Saturn also possess a radius of 60,248 at the equator and low density of Saturn i.e. 0.687 g/cm3 that water having density of .998 gm3.
  • On the space, our galaxy i.e. the Milky Way spins at the speed of 225 kms per second. This galaxy also travels to the space at much higher speed i.e. at the rate of 305 kms per second. This is really unbelievable speed for the scientists because they believe that the actual speed on which the Milky Way travels ranges from 130-1,000km per second.
  • On the space, moon is drifting away from the earth due to tidal effects. As per the researches made by the scientists, it was estimated that moon drifts around 3.8 cm away from the earth which results in the slowing the rotational speed of earth to about 0.002 seconds per day per century. Scientist are still unpredictable about the origin of moon and actual life span of moon but the researches gives an indication that earth is hutted by large sized mars that results in splintering of moon.
  • The light that hits the earth currently is more than 30 thousand years old. The effect of solar winds found to be very adverse on the Sun as sun loses billion kilograms a second only because of such winds.



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